Oh, no. You are doing the dishes and I felt so sneaky because I was hacking your blog. But I forgot that when you hack something you have to have something to say. Unless you're with that Anonymous group. Then you can steal things and plant viruses. But I wasn't planning on doing either of those.

I just heard some dishes clank together. You must be drying them because if they're clanking, that means you've put them on the drying rack (since they always slip and bang together on the drying rack). I still hear the water running a little, even though nothing is under it.

This has been the most uneventful hacking of my life. You just asked me to come dry the plates. I said, "One second." I think I'll spend that one second like this:

Writing "I love you."

I'm sorry it took me longer than a second to get to the kitchen to dry the plates.


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