First Day in the City


So, here we are. In Chicago. Crazy! We got in at about 1AM last night, after a flight out of DIA and adventure on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), where we listened to a drag queen complain about his(her?) cell phone bill. Apparently, s/he was called collect from Nigeria and it cost him/her $500. You know what, I'm just going to call him a "he" because he did not--by any stretch of the imagination--look like a woman! He was wearing a white cowgirl hat (complete with blinking lights), a rainbow cape (yes, cape!), gogo boots, and a mini-skirt. Oh, and his legs weren't shaved. That was nice. Haha anyways, it was our first taste of city life! I'm sure in three days I won't blink an eye at a drag queen.

Walking through the door of our apartment was a pleasant surprise! It's actually pretty nice. We've got a living room, a kitchen, a breakfast table, our own bathroom, and two bedrooms. With two twin beds. Sexy, I know! ;) We pushed the beds together but, of course, there is a huge gap in the middle. Haha but it's all good! We've got a great view of Sears tower from our bedroom and there's a Jamba Juice, bookstore, and Italian cafe right below us. Not much to complain about! :)

Today we woke up and ran around town. No, literally. We ran everywhere. I would say probably 8 miles total. We ran a mile down the road to a Target (two stories...HEAVEN) and bought groceries. Then we lugged them all back to our have no idea how slow a mile-long walk is in 85 degree, humid weather with 15 pounds on each arm.

After dropping off the groceries, we hit the road again. We ran to the building where Brock's internship is at. It's smack dab in the middle of downtown right across from the Trump International Hotel and the Chicago Tribune Tower. Awesome!

We refueled with paninis at The Corner Bakery Cafe, and hit the road again--this time running along the shore of Lake Michigan. There are some gorgeous parks all up and down the road. We can't wait to go to festivals there later in the summer! Tomorrow there's an Olympic Day Celebration that we might go to...Chicago is a 2016 candidate city.

After we ran back home, we showered and Brock got ready to go to work at 4:30. We left at 3:30 to allow for ample time to get there, and it's a good thing we did because it took us 45 minutes to go 2.5 miles! Welcome to the city, eh? We started by walking a mile to the bus station on Michigan (to save money by not having to pay two fares) and then rode the CTA from there.

Brock is currently at work, and I am currently at the Corner Bakery Cafe (again) eating the most divine powder-sugar-dusted brownie I've had in a long time, possibly ever. I've spent the last couple hours moseying about downtown, getting acquainted, and running a few errands. I even went into La Perla (a $$ lingerie boutique) and inquired about a job. The uppity employee (and chubby, I might add) who greeted me cocked a disgusted eyebrow when I told her I had never worked in high-end retail before, and practically shoved me out the door when I told I was just looking for something temporary.

Someday I'll go in there and buy a $700 bustiere. And she'll still be working there, I'm sure, since she apparently thinks it's the most prestigious job downtown. I will make her give me a bra fitting, fetch me a cold glass of ice water, and flash my black American Express card in her face as I pay for that bustiere. We'll see if she cocks an eyebrow then.

Anyway, that's enough vindictive thinking for now. I'm going to go read a book until Brock gets off of work, and then we're off to Pizzeria Uno--the restaurant that, in 1943, invented the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. (Hey, we didn't run 8 miles today for nothin!)


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