A New Adventure


No, not blogging. We're a bit more daring than that!

Today is our last day in Utah! Not forever, mind you, but for two months. Brock has an internship in Chicago working with the local Fox news station affiliate covering sports. Me? I'm going to funnel my resume into every temp agency that'll accept it and pick up jobs here and there. And least that's the plan! I'll also have ample time to read, write, take pictures and study for the Foreign Service Officer Test coming up in October. All in all: these two months have the makings of being fantastic!

We're sad to leave though. As much as we hate on Provo, there truly is no place like home. Also, we're leaving our dog Mojo behind! My parents have graciously offered to tend him while we're gone. Well, my dad has graciously offered. He kind of did that without my mom knowing, so who knows how "gracious" she is about it. Hehe :)

Before we leave on Sunday night, we're spending a few days in Lake City, CO with my family. My dad has a 50 mile race (in Thomas terms: a 10K) down there this Saturday and my parents have rented a house for us all to play at for the weekend. Sounds like fun! I've never been to Lake City before, but I've heard it's gorgeous.

On Pier 39 in San Francisco. That was last year's adventure.
Bring on Chicago!


  1. I'm so excited for you and your new adventure :)!


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