Horsies :)


Friday is Brock's long day at work each week, and we were so tired from our 15-mile bike ride to the Museum of Science and Industry (not to mention walking around it all day!) that we vegged out until he left for work at 2PM.

I headed over to Navy Pier where the Budweiser Clydesdales were putting on a show! It wasn't much...just them prancing around the Navy Pier boardwalk all hooked up to the Budweiser wagon. But still! They were gorgeous! I took tons of pictures of them...click on the link at the end of the Museum of Science and Industry post to see!

After I'd done my fair share of oogling at the Clydesdales (which was notably longer than most people's oogling threshold) I went downtown to the Hotel Monaco to attend an alumni dinner for the BYU Communications Department. Since Brock was working, I went as a proxy...and for the free dinner ;) Overall, it was pretty blah. Like, what are you supposed to say when everyone around you is in advertising, public relations, broadcasting etc and you're . . . not. It was still nice to see some friendly BYU faces and to eat free chocolate cake!


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