We Got High


...on the Sears Tower! :)

This past Saturday we went to the top of the SEARS TOWER!! Or, should I say "Willis Tower?" Which, as of last week, is it's official new name. LAME!! Forget that. I'm calling it the Sears Tower. Anyway, we bought these CityPass booklets for $69 that gives you access to 5 Chicago attractions: Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Sears Tower. Normally admission to all these would total around $130, so it's a FANTASTIC deal! But one of it's major perks is that with each attraction you get a "fast pass"...which saved us 3 hours worth of waiting in line at the Sears Tower! I felt kind of bad for just walking right ahead of everybody and showing the guy our CityPass...but not too bad :)

The elevator ride to the top took 1 minute...and there are 103 stories! There was this big TV in the elevator too that showed--as you ascended--how high you were with reference to other major buildings. So you knew when you were higher than the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Buidling....pretty cool! Our ears were popping the whole way!

At the SkyDeck you can see for MILES! On a clear day (which it was when we visited) you can see four different states. But man, being up that high is super trippy. And kind of scary! I kept thinking terrorist attack, terrorist attack. Lovely thoughts, I know. Haha you could also feel the tower sway just ever-so-slightly in the wind...eeeek!

But the ABSOLUTE COOLEST, SCARY, AND INSANE part of it all was THE LEDGE!! You may have read about this in your local paper, it's a new addition to the Sears Tower. The Ledge is composed of three separate glass "pods"...glass boxes that jut out from the Tower that are about...oh...I would say 4'x8'? Anyway, those with the guts walk out on the ledge....and can see the street 103 stories below them through the glass!!! Soooo freaky! Knowing that all that separates you from certain death is about 3 inches of glass....not for those with a fear of heights!!

I personally loved The Ledge!! Stepping out onto it was such a rush! But, being completely inconsiderate of those around me (who were much more afraid than I), I started dancing around on the glass and they were like "AAAAAHHH!! Don't do that!!" Whoopsies :)


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