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Summer is coming to a close! Here's a run-down of what we've been up to.

We've just gotten off two weeks spent with family--one with the Thomases, one with the Boyces. They were blissful! We started off our week in Ft. Collins babysitting the kiddos while my mom and dad went to Aspen for their anniversary. We also went fishing, to the park, and had movie nights . . . but were glad when the "real" mom and dad came home! The real hard work began after our babysitting stint, when my mom put us to work laying down 10 tons of river rock in the backyard to replace the mulch! Read about it here. (In all fairness, we asked to be put to work so we could have a little extra money in our bank account until we locate real jobs.) We did squeeze in a few boating trips to Horsetooth, a daytrip to Boulder, and a bonfire . . . I was so sad to leave!!

Our week the the Boyces (at home in Provo) was awesome, too. While we were gone, Gary (my father-in-law) finished our basement and it looks fantastic! It has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. Gary wanted to finish it because Brock's brother Ryan will be a setter on the BYU volleyball team, and he (Gary) wants to come up for every home game. As much as I love my in-laws, having them crash at our place every two weeks would be a little intrusive! So hence the finished basement so they can have their little place :) During our week with them, we ate tons of delicious homemade dinners a la Tammie, went out for Hawaiian shave ice almost every night, made an IKEA trip, and got Ryan all moved in to his new apartment. Fun stuff!

On Saturday, the Boyces went home to California, leaving Brock and I to get back to "normal" (whatever that is...). We spent the whole day cleaning/decluttering/organizing and played a little tennis. Yesterday, we went to Stake Conference (SNOOZE) and then to Aunt Cindy's for a fantastic Sunday dinner and get-together with the cousins!

We ended up turning the night into an impromptu talent show, and were blessed to hear the stand-up comedy talents of my cousin Peter, incredible piano playing from my cousin Heidi's new boyfriend Ryan, Irish fart dancing from Heidi herself (don't ask!), ballroom dancing from our cousins Ryan and Ashleigh, and . . . the white man haka from me! We topped the night off with an intense board game and a booty-shaking session to the song "Mambo No. 5."

All this fun, and we don't even drink!

Oh, and by the way, below are some links to photo albums of our last days in Chicago and quick trip to New York. Enjoy! :)


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