The Lincoln Park Zoo


On Friday we (re)visited the Lincoln Park Zoo. We stopped by there way long ago, but were so tired from biking around (lost) all day that we only visited half of it. I made Brock promise me that day that we'd come back to see the rest, and on Friday he held true to his word!

Hmm well I'm sure you've all been to a zoo before so there's really not much to say. The awesome thing about the Lincoln Park Zoo is that it's FREE! Parking is like $12...but parking bikes never costs a dime :) We saw lions, jaguars, leopards, tropical birds, small mammals, marsupials, rhinos, seals and some of the cutest owls ever! I wuv aminals :)

The zoo is located right next to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which houses tropical ferns, orchids and a zillion other plants. It kind of feels like you're walking into a Jurassic Park-y forest! I went inside and took pictures of orchids and ferns and Venus fly traps while Brock napped in the park.

Really, the best way to write this post would be with pictures, but I don't feel like uploading right now. I promise to do so within the next few days and post a link! :)


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