Model United Nations: A
Arabic 101: A-
Econometrics: B
National Security: B+

You know you're anal when, after the toughest semester of your
life, you're disappointed with a 3.5 semester GPA. You know you're really anal when you find yourself irked that that lowered your cumulative GPA by .02 points.

I wish I was an
insanely smart person. Insanely smart people have both crazy right and left brain capabilities. They go on to be Rhodes or Fulbright scholars, get published in major academic journals, present their undergraduate papers at conferences, and get graduate degrees at top-tier institutions. Unfortunately, I sit on that annoying divide that separates the extraordinary students from the ordinary ones.

I guess you could call me rarordinary.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that the rarordinary line isn't the worst place to be. Although I would
love to have that e-x-t, I've had to come to terms with the fact that I'm not superwoman. I can only devote so much energy to the various facets of my life, and academics is only one of many.

In reality, my 3.5 this semester represents so much more than an A, A-, B and B+.

  • It represents a part-time job.
  • It represents spearheading a volunteer committee for a charity event that raised $15,000+ for development agencies around the globe.
  • It represents helping the BYU Model United Nations team win nationals (again) this year in New York City.
  • It represents writing for and helping publish monthly issues of the BYU Political Review.
  • It represents the Boston Marathon.
Maybe being rarordinary ain't such a bad thing after all.


  1. you spelled "freekin" wrong you illiterate 3.5 gpa kid of mine. It's "Freakin" as in "Freak the Mighty" not "Freek the can't speller!
    Love rimpoche papa


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