Birthday Happenings


My 22nd was low key, but surprisingly fun! I was surprised by a sweet love letter from Brock here in the morning (Mrs. Deja Vu) and after school/work we went home and had PANCAKES for dinner! Then we went to the mall where I bought myself a good self-tanner from Clinique I've been wanting, and we met the coolest Clinique girl ever! She was from Zimbabwe, and after our purchase we stopped and talked to her for a good ten to fifteen minutes until other customers arrived.

A couple hours later my cousin Heidi and her fiancee Chad (aka our best friends) accompanied us to the theater where we saw The Karate Kid which was a surprisingly good movie! Then we hit up Sammy's for banana cream pie shakes and pepperjack/provolone grilled cheese sandwiches.

In closing, I decided to make a list of things that will either likely or most definitely happen by the time I turn 23. Here's to 22!
  1. I will have GRADUATED FROM BYU!
  2. I will have run a 50-mile trail race through the mountains of Colorado.
  3. I will have been the most rockin' American Heritage TA ever.
  4. I will be conversationally fluent in Arabic.
  5. I will have read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. You know, that book that I was assigned to read during the last month of high school (senioritis, much?) that my husband has now read three times and loves? That one.
  6. I will have re-read Life of Pi.
  7. I will have re-read The Book of Mormon in its entirety.
  8. I will be able to do a pull-up.


  1. You're getting close to's the list coming along?


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