Cutting the Cheese


Despite my running 7+ miles a day in the mountains and recently anted-up lifting regimen at the gym, I have seen the number on my scale creep up by about three pounds. While I would like to attribute this to muscle gain, I think the real culprit could very well be the fact that a few days ago, I unearthed a wire cheese slicer from the abyss that is my kitchen tools drawer. Since then, I have indulged daily in one of my favorite food combinations: thin slices of cheddar cheese dipped in applesauce. 

It's not like this indulgence is justifiable, at least not for me. I can't use the age-old "Cheese is dairy and has calcium" excuse because I get more calcium than anyone I know. I drink milk like a newborn. Well, not like that, but you know.

But seriously, if you've ever eaten Tillamook medium cheddar cheese right off the block, you know what I'm talking about. And if you're one of those lame people who buys the store brand instead of shelling out the extra $1.20 for Tillamook, I pity you.


  1. Sharp Tillamook cheese dipped in honey. Also, have you tried Tillamook yogurt? It is FANTASTIC.


  3. cheese is so darn expensive in thailand. i miss it.

  4. Living in an exotic foreign country must be the PITS.

  5. I like crazy-sharp cheddar...Tillamook is amazing. I sure missed cheddar in Chile. They just have assorted white cheeses in various degrees of blandness.

    I kinda believe you that that's delicious. After all, a slice of cheddar on an apple wedge is tasty...


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