Memorial Day Weekend


I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously: Colorado is heaven.

After classes ended on Thursday, we jumped in the car for a weekend in Fort Collins--it's been almost a year since we last visited! We arrived late that night as my family was doing sparklers on the front lawn. After a late-night bowl of Cinnamon Life, we hit the hay (that drive over Wyoming on I-80 is a MO).

On Friday, Brock and I woke up early and
took Mojo running on the Inlet Bay trail. It was so beautiful and green there! I felt like I was running through the hills of Scotland. After that, we went to a Dutch oven cooking class that my mom taught to her Relief Society ladies (fun fun) and then went boating on Horsetooth! The best ride of the day was Brock and Kiana  on the tube--Kiana climbed up and stood on his shoulders as they rode! Very acrobatic. 

After tubing we came home and to a fantastic dinner that my mom whipped up (beef brisket sandwiches, corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon . . . ). We'd initially planned on having a picnic up Poudre Canyon, but everyone was so wiped that we opted to stay in and have a LOST marathon. My family had never watched it before and so one of my main goals for Memorial Day weekend was to get them addicted to it. I think I succeeded  :)Aside on the "LOST" series finale: That was, without a doubt, the most moving 2.5 hours of television I have ever seen. It really made me look at the bigger picture of my life, and inspired me to be a better person. Dare I say that it even strengthened my testimony of the gospel? Well, it did. I cried for hours when it ended (ask Brock--he says he has never seen me cry that much!), and I even welled up as we started the first episode with my family. It was like having all my old friends back :) 

On Saturday morning we celebrated Connor's "official" sixth birthday with a Thomas tradition--birthday pancakes! My dad and I ran off breakfast with ten miles on Bobcat Trail. Once again, it was a gorgeous day for a run. I had the entire trail to myself the whole time . . . except for the rattlesnake that I almost stepped on. After my run, I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping with my mom and Kiana. My mom had racked up a bunch of points at Kohl's and Ulta that had to be used by the end of Saturday, which she graciously gave to me as my birthday gift :) Thanks, Mom! The best part of the shopping trip was stopping by the GoLite warehouse sale, where I scored big time in the pants department. 

For dinner on Saturday night, Brock and I ate Nepalese food at Mt. Everest Cafe with my parents. This is one of my parents' favorite places to eat. They eat there so often, in fact, that they've become good friends with the owner--Dawa Sherpa. My dad is an especially good friend of Dawa now, seeing as how Dawa was his guide for a month-long trek in Nepal! They summitted Imja Tse on Mount Everest together--a point which marks the mountain's 21,000-ft mark and requires a 300-ft vertical ascent up an ice face to get to. Despite his crazy hardcoreness, Dawa is one of the kindest, gentlest, and most caring people I've ever met. You know how some people just exude goodness and light? He's one of those.

After dinner we had planned on going to see
Prince of Persia at the drive-in, except the weather was bad. Instead, we opted for--you guessed it!--more LOST!  A few episodes later, after everyone had turned in for the night, Brock and I decided to go line-dancing at Sundance. Unfortunately, right as we pulled into the parking lot, I realized I'd forgotten my ID! As Connor would say: Awww, peanuts! (This was not the first time I'd done this . . . one time we drove an hour to go 80s dancing in SLC and I made the same mistake!) Instead, we went to Old Town for a double scoop of Walrus ice cream and people-watching. We saw a Storm Trooper (not kidding) and a girl with the BIGGEST ghetto booty wearing silver, glittery hotpants.

After church on Sunday, we had a big steak dinner with my Grandma Kern and watched a slideshow of
all of my dad's pictures and videos from Nepal--it took a good two hours!  It was so cool to see all the people and places he had talked about in his emails. And it made me really want to visit Nepal :) Namaste! 

Before Brock and I left on Monday, we all (family + Grandma) went fishing up near the Wyoming border. It was kind of windy and the fish weren't exactly jumping out of the water . . . but we
did catch one. I'm not too hot on fishing (BORING) so I sat down an finished off a book I was reading about punctuation (NOT BORING).

All in all, it was a
fantastic weekend. I love my family so much and am so lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful place!


  1. Kristi, your explanation of the LOST finale is PERFECT! I basically bawled for days afterward. Chase and I were just talking about it last night, and I'm so glad someone else feels the same way so we don't feel like crazies!

  2. I LOVED THE LOST FINALE TOO!!! I'm so sad it is over!! And my little brother is turning 6 in July, don't you LOVE having young siblings?? But get kind of depressed that you don't get to watch them grow up? Glad you had a fun weekend!!

    Also, to answer your question on my comment, I'm taking an independent study class, PLSC 202, and when I'm done, MAYBE do econ 110, but I'm not sure if I'm smart enough to do it on my own. I have it on my schedule for Fall semester but I wanted to keep my load kinda light with only 4 classes and with econ it makes 5. I mean I should be more confident seeing as how I survived 200 and 428. What do you think? Way too hard for independent study or possible?

    Wow, sorry for the long post!

  3. @Helen: I totally read YOUR blog post about the "LOST" finale and felt the exact same way! SO glad to know I'm not the only one who felt so passionately about it! I called my mom to tell her about the finale the day after it happened and was blubbering the entire time. Also, do you think it was COINCIDENCE that it was rainy and stormy RIGHT as the finale ended and ALL the next day? I think not.

    @ Jess: Haha if you can handle 200 and 328, you'll be JUST fine! :) I think it's definitely doable for independent study; I honestly taught myself most of the material anyway from doing the readings. It's not as hard a class as everyone makes it out out to be...a lot of econ 110 is pretty intuitive. The thing that's frustrating is THINKING you get everything, and then pulling a D or C on the test. THAT'S annoying. But at the end of it all, I came out with a B, which I was happy with considering it was the same semester I took 200.

    Also, having younger siblings DOES rock. As do people who write really long blog comments (cough ME cough) :)

  4. =) to all you wrote. But an especial thanks for the heads up on GoLite. I'm excited for it!


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