Ode to the 'Jo


My dog is rad. Mojo has the best personality: The perfect mix of playful, chill, and quirky. Plus, he's really smart, obedient and loves to cuddle. Initially, Brock wanted to name him Optimus Prime (Transformers had just come out). For some reason, the name just didn't fit a cute, cuddly half-poodle, so we compromised and settled on Mojo (which was the name of Shia LaBeof's dog in Transformers).

I don't really know why I'm doing this post. I guess I'm just feeling extra grateful for my pooch today.

Picking up Mojo from the airport! He was born February 9th, 2008 in Missouri. We found him online (puppyfind.com) and his breeder was the nicest lady. 

He loved playing with this monkey toy. It was torn to shreds within two weeks!

He even pees cute.

Sometimes he'd get stuck under his bed and couldn't figure out how to escape.
So he would scurry around the room turtle-style and bump into furniture to free himself. Too funny!

A bad haircut. Mojo obviously isn't happy about it.

Sleeping on the drive home from California. He'd rather sleep in a terribly uncomfortable position near us than have the entire back seat to himself away from us. Such a sweetheart.

Pals :)


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