Real Love


Brock is currently on a camp-out with some of the Young Men from our ward, so I have the house all to myself tonight. I thought it would be fun but it sucks.

I went on a run and came home to an empty house. I watched the Lakers win the NBA championship alone. I ate a small bowl of tortellini for dinner by myself.

Seeing as how Brock hasn't even been gone a full 24 hours, I feel a little dumb missing him so much. I consider myself a pretty strong person in mind, body, spirit; but if you take away Brock, my keystone, I crumble to pieces. Call me weak, call me old-fashioned, call me insecure but I need Brock to feel whole.  As lonely as I am right now, I wish this upon everybody.

I hope everybody I know will one day feel a deep, aching emptiness when they climb into bed alone. I hope everybody I know will one day wander aimlessly around the kitchen when their spouse is gone. I hope everybody I know will one day glance down at their phone compulsively every two minutes--waiting for a call, a text, an "I love you."


  1. I know exactly how you feel Kristi. Pete is gone EVERY day ALL day...and I miss him so much ALL the time!! Sigh. I lover Regina Spektor! This is the perfect post for me!! =D Thanks girl!!

  2. Don't worry, after about 3 weeks you acclimate somewhat.


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