Life Isn't a Popularity Contest


. . . except when it is. That's why I'm glad I had this book to help me along the way. 

It was basically my bible from ages 11-14. For the record, its methodology was questionable at best, seeing as how "Grow Boobs", "Shop at Limited Too", and "Don't Be Annoying" were not amongst the 30 rules. All of which I was in violation of.

Thanks for nothing, Camy Baker.


  1. I was in violation of only one of the above rules and I still wasn't popular.
    Maybe if I had read that book...

  2. hahaha you are on a blog spree lately! love it!

    I violated all those rules too! & oh, how I remember the days when limited too was SO cool!

  3. HAHAHAHA omg i can't believe this is actually a book. I was heavy, had a boy haircut, played baseball, and my mom refused to buy me anything from Limited Too when I was in the 6th grade. But, I was totally popular ;) This book lies.

  4. Haha this is funny. I probably needed this book because I was not popular and wasn't even aware there were so many rules to follow, oops! Also I wish I could comment on pages, because I love the quotes page. Also I love the synonyms for shrew, thank you for sharing haha.


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