Things That Made Me Go :) Today


1. This blog post. And the blogger in particular :)

2. Being there to see one of my absolute BEST friends (who also happens to be my cousin!)
get her endowments at the Draper Temple.

3. Finishing my stupid paper on bills of attainder and ex post facto laws.

4. Getting pampered! I found a great deal on a European facial + brow wax combo. Only $35 for BOTH!--there was no WAY I was passing that up. Today was my appointment. It was mahvelous.

5. Brock engaging me in a highly intellectual conversation about the characters, plot, language, and literary themes of Doestoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. . . while we ate dinner at Wendy's.


  1. JEALOUS of your shoes AND the brow/facial combo! I'm getting mine done today and am totally going to wish I had a facial with it. dang it.

  2. A facial and wax for $35?! *sigh* That sounds divine! Sounds like an extra wonderful day!

    p.s. you make me :)


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