A Hodgepodge of News


1. The good news is that the bedspread I've been wanting for months is here!

The bad news is that I actually ironed the bedskirt and comforter--which is embarrassingly Type A even by my standards. Oh, and just so you know, I hate the blue paint, too. I've been wanting to redo it for ages, but Brock hates painting and always finds excuses to put if off ("But we just painted the living room!"--yeah, like THREE YEARS AGO). Plus, we're moving in nine months anyway, so whatevs.

2. My cousin/BFF Heidi is mawwied! She looked absolutely ravishing yesterday and I'm so happy for her. Heidi and Chad are beyond perfect for each other and we love them both!

3. My family is awesome. Specifically, my dad and little sister Kiana. They came to Utah for Heidi's wedding, and look at the gifts they made us!


  1. my family is awesome "specifically my dad and sister Kiana" ..... gee you're too kind

  2. i didn't see YOU making me cool "LOST" memorabilia! you can make up for it with 2 tickets for me and Brock to the actual "LOST" set...in kauai :D


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