Dear Brett Favre:


What were you thinking?

You know that there are some things that just don't photograph well, don't you?

Just because men like pictures of boobies doesn't mean we like pictures of . . . you know. So what if you're one of the most iconic players in the NFL? IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. There is a reason why Pope Pius the IX went and knocked off all the deedle-dees of the statues in the Vatican: they ain't pretty to look at. Even the most beautiful man of all time--Michaelangelo's David--would have been a little easier on the eyes had he covered his hmm-hmm with a fig leaf or something.

P.S. Maybe if you quit making passes at women, you'd actually be able to complete some during games.


  1. hahahaha your ps kills me! I love it.

  2. Oh my gosh honey this is really funny! I love the "deedle dees" and "hmm hmm"...and the ps is priceless.


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