Just Call Me Sherlock


You see that nasty weedy-looking thing? Sorry to disappoint, Boulder friends: I'm not growing marijuana. It's mint that I planted in my herb garden last year. Mint takes on a life of its own for years after you plant it. It seriously NEVER DIES. Like some Bionic Herb from the Garden of Hades.

Said herb has been a source of deep frustration for me all summer as I have tried, unsuccessfully, to pull out its roots on multiple occasions. I have broken nails, destroyed the abodes of countless roly polies, been grasshoppered (IN THE FACE), and maybe said a swear word or two. Or three. Or . . . yeah.

Finally, as I was walking around Home Depot one day, I happened upon some weed killer.

Problem: Solved.

Yeah, that only took me four months to figure out.


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