Feelin' The Love


Have I told any of ya'll how much I love my husband lately?


I love him because he makes grocery shopping at SuperTarget on a Friday night really fun.

I love him because he was willing to go all the way to West Valley (aka Utah Compton) with me to visit a mosque on Saturday. And when we arrived late and had to wait two hours until the next prayer, he didn't mind.

I love him because he even makes wandering around in a Rite Aid fun. (Seriously, there is nothing to do in WV.)

I love him because he is fearless and will strike up a conversation with anybody. A Pakistani cab driver, a Somalian, a Sikh, the teenager taking our order at Wendy's, whoever.

I love him because he told me I look cute in a hijab.

I love him because he took me out to The Pie.

I love him because he plays guitar and sings for my grandma.

I love him because he hates Sunday School.

I love him because he didn't get mad at me when he could totally tell I was fibbing about that new bag I bought this week. "Oh, this? I've had it forever..."

I love him because he laughed when guilt overtook me and I confessed that I'd bought it online a week ago.

I love him because he brought me a mug of Swiss Miss to help me start studying.

I love him because he's the one downstairs studying right now, and I'm...blogging.

I love him because he always finds something about me to love, even on days when I'm not that lovable.

I love him because he's quite the auctioneer.

I love him because he buys Western Family single-blade razors ("It was 20 razors for a DOLLAR!") and expects not to nick himself. (For the record, he did. Like eleven times.)

I love him because he throws me the most random compliments. "I really like your nose! You have cute arms!"

I love him because he lets Mojo snuggle with him.

I love him because this weekend was wonderful.

Seriously?? You might as well shave with a butter knife.



  1. And I like you both because a) he hates Sunday School, b) you admit it, and c) I support him in his hatred.

  2. thanks for the laugh to start my day.... you did get a wonderful man.

  3. true about the butter knife! then again... because it was shaving so dull, I went crazy on my leg and ended up cutting myself pretty bad :/ haha

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