Homeland Security


I recently read an excellent article on how Israel's Ben Gurion Airport deals with security. Parking lot to airport lounge in twenty-five minutes tops. I repeat: IN ISRAEL.

And then tonight with my visiting teachers, we were talking about the extreme intrusiveness of naked body scanners and pat-downs. Now, I consider myself just about as dyed-in-the-wool American as they come, and I will willingly submit to just about anything to keep my country safe, but I should not have to expose my naked body in order to do so nor should my private parts be touched "for the cause." 

I was talking to Brock about this tonight, balking at the mere thought that a scan of my naked body is necessary for me to fly 90 minutes to Denver.

To this Brock replied, "If I knew you were coming to Denver and I was TSA, I would make you take that naked body scan thing. Like four times. From different angles. In color."

Thank goodness my husband is not the Secretary for Homeland Security.


  1. I hope they do really deep background checks on the TSA workers. There better not be any creepers patting people down!

  2. That was a really interesting article. Thanks for sharing!

  3. i read the israeli airport security article too. fascinating. i wanna turn that into a chain mail forward so everyone has to read it. also HA to brock's comment at the end.


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