Fatty McPatty


I'm still workin' off my five pounds of Thanksgiving weight. Well, let me rephrase: I'm still magically expecting the weight to come off without doing any physical activity whatsoever.

How does one gain five founds in five days? Oh friends, it is possible. And the sad thing is that I even went on two runs and a bike ride over the break, so it's not like I was completely sedentary.

Yep. Apparently I eat that much. IT'S THE HOLIDAYS, PEOPLE.

I hopped on the scale tonight to see if I was still as fat as yesterday. I was wearin' me underclothes and one of Brock's wool sweaters. 146. Same as yesterday.

"That's weird," I muttered. "I thought I ate pretty good today. Must be the clothes."

So there I was, buck naked, standing on the scale hoping for a tiny validation of the fact that I did eat a banana today. Waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting . . .


REALLY, SCALE? My clothes are made of AIR????????????

Obviously, my scale is defective. I'll just assume that I weigh 125.


  1. HAHAHA... I feel ya girl...
    It's actually kinda funny... Twice over break I was referenced as either "thunder thighs" or "really muscular". Those are not compliments people. Especially now that I'm not competing. I wonder if there ever will be a day when I am called "chicken legs" or something... Prob not. haha. Ps I really like that pic on the post.


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