I Really Just Want . . .


Some people to learn basic grammar principles.

. . . hear that? It's the sound of a contraction dying.

GRAMMAR NAZI STRIKES AGAIN.  whuh-PSSHHHHH. (That was the sound of a cracking whip, obviously.)


  1. Onomatopoeia, like a hiccup. A word that sounds like what it describes. It was a spelling word long ago and it now falls under the category of words I try to pull out in normal conversation, like ergo and surreptitious.

    Also, as a matter of interest, I am now pathetically begging people to follow me.

  2. best example is *snkkt*, the sound that Wolverine's claws make when they snap slide out of his knuckles.

  3. "SNAP" I hope that's the right example- if not, nevermind.


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