Weekend Update (Sans Seth Meyers)


Last night, Brock and I went to the BYU volleyball game against UCLA. It was so fun--partly because it was a great match-up, partly because we were standing with the rowdiest fans ever.

  • The awesome signs the people we were cheering with had made--my favorite was one the kept updating throughout the game, a sign that said "MISSED SERVES" with a running tally.
  • When one of the UCLA players with the last name of Page kept messing up, they made an impromptu sign that read "PAGE M.V.P."
  • The heckling! Oh, the heckling! People, it was art. When their Argentinian player would go to serve the ball, we'd chant "USA! USA!" Or we called him Frodo. (Because he looked like him.) Or unibrow. (Because he had one.) Another one of UCLA's players was seven feet tall. He came to be known as Gumby. But my personal favorite was a lanky UCLA guy with long, shaggy brown hair. We affectionately called him "GEI.CO.CAVE.MAN."
  • BYU won in four games, and near the end of the fourth game, a player on our team (Souza, I believe) totally stuffed UCLA twice in a row. The place erupted!
Both Brock and his brother Ryan (who plays on the BYU volleyball team, for those of you who don't know) grew up playing volleyball, and are patiently teaching Tara and I the ins and outs of the game. The more I learn, the more I realize how big of a factor heckling actually is. Getting in the opponents' heads gives you a huge home-court advantage. And when BYU's team travels elsewhere, they get heckled sooooo bad--and it's not "nice" stuff like Geico Caveman. Ryan even called us after the game and thanked us. (Apparently the UCLA players were shooting their mouths off at our team during warm-ups. WARM-UPS.)

Anyway, it was a great game and everything was in good fun. The Geico Caveman was laughing along with us the whole game. Whenever a UCLA player missed a serve, he'd look our way and motion for us to add a tally mark to our poster.

After the game, Brock and I grabbed a jumbleberry pie shake and some fries at the Malt Shoppe  and headed home to watch a Netflix movie (Captain Abu Raed--definitely put it in your queue).

In other news . . .

(The twelvthfhf--HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT???--person was my little sister, Kiana, who had a mail-in ballot. For some reason she couldn't comment on the post, so she emailed me.)

And the ninth commenter?

I am happy about this because I haven't seen Sierra in forever, and in order to give her my term paper, I will have to meet up with her. Perhaps over lunch??? :)


  1. I demand a re-random-number-generation. I'm disappointed.

  2. I agree with Woolston. This thing was rigged.

  3. I'm really jealous about you and Sierra having a date.

  4. Come on! Ryan serving wasn't a highlight???? BOO!!

  5. How did I miss this on your blog? I'm such a faithful reader! But yes! Let's please! Sadie... You can come too, but the essay is all mine!


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