He Saw Him


Jimmer Fredette had just dropped a free throw to score his fiftieth point of the game Fiftieth! We were watching it in the basement of the Wilk with several hundred other students who erupted into deafening jubilation. Amidst the whistles and hooping and hollering, I turned around to give Brock a high five, but he was nowhere in sight. My eyes scanned the room looking for him--he knew Jimmer was about to hit 50! Where on earth did he go?

Then I saw him. He was holding open the door for a man who was bringing in his three young daughters to watch the end of the game. The man was crippled.

I am so thankful to have married a person who is constantly looking beyond himself, even in situations where we often forget to open our eyes. It was--by far--the most memorable thing I saw tonight.


  1. You have an amazing husband :)...he married an amazing person too. Thanks for sharing that great story.

  2. That's so great - thanks for sharing. And as amazing as Jimmer is, that's more amazing.

  3. cute story. :) I'm glad you have someone like him.


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