For those of you who don't know, I'm on this little mini-quest to become a legit blogger:
  • "About" page--check
  • Vlogging attempt--check
  • Giveaway--check
  • Regular posting--check
  • Whoring out my blog posts out on ya'll's Facebook newsfeeds--check

Along with starting up an Etsy store and posting daily pictures of my outfits, there are only a few more steps I need to take to accomplish this goal. One of them is that my blog needs an FAQ section. Having an FAQ section demonstrates that people--even total strangers!--want to know all the little secrets that make me me. Oh, you're one of the haters that thinks FAQs are just a way for bloggers to inflate their own sense of self-importance???? Au contraire, mon frere! I'm doing this for YOU GUYS out of the goodness of my heart. It's like an expedited "How To Be Kristi" manual for all the wannabes.

There is only one minor problem with this whole FAQ idea: nobody has ever asked me anything. Hence negating the whole frequently asked  part. This actually works to my advantage, however, as having an IAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions) page makes me even cooler  because nobody else has one. BAM.

So here's how it's gonna go down: I have set up an account with a website called Formspring. Go to my page here (there's even a nifty little image you can click on off to the right--see how techy I am???). There, you can ask me ANY QUESTION YOU WANT. Anonymously. I'll leave this account up for a week, and do a post next Thursday answering all your burning need-to-knows. Voila. IAQ page.

Think hard about the questions you want to ask . . . this is ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

Ready? Go.


  1. What is your five step plan for world domination?

    (I would share mine as an example, but then you would know all my secrets)

  2. do you prefer more PB or J on your PB&J?

    oh and, you can sign up for sponsors and get paid to blog: http://izea.in/rkiy
    I just signed up and i've already been paid $57 (hey, its a start!... especially considering i only spend 4 hours a week blogging)


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