Macaroni & Cheese: A Play




Me: "Why do you have that big mixing bowl?"

Brock: "Because I'm going to melt the butter in it. Sometimes when you just throw the butter in and stir it with the milk and cheese, the sauce has little chunks in it."

"I like the chunks."

"I just want to try it this way."

"Why do you have such a big bowl? You only need a small one."

"But we're making two boxes' worth."

"Seriously. That bowl is too big." I grab a smaller one.

"That bowl is way too small."

"No it's not."

"Why does it even matter?"

"Because it means less dishes."

"It's still a dish!"

"But you'd have to HAND WASH the big one. You can just stick this small one in the dishwasher."

"I never see you stick that bowl in the dishwasher."

"I do it all the time!"


"What are you, the Grand Inquisitor?"

I nuke the butter and mix in the milk and cheese "stuff". The entire concoction fits nicely inside.

Me, sarcastically: "OOOOHHHH look!! It's almost overflowing!!!!"

"Screw you!"

"No, screw YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



I stir the mixture in with the noodles and have a taste. It sucks. I attempt eating a bowl of it, but it seriously SUCKS. I mournfully pour half of my bowl back into the pot and go upstairs to read a book.
I fall asleep reading said book--typical.


Brock gently shakes me.


"Mmpphhhhzz." I slowly open my eyes.

"Can we be friends again?"

I look up. He's gone to Sammy's and bought me a banana cream pie shake.



Friends again.


  1. where's the sex scene? shouldn't that come right after the scene with the shake?

  2. I'm saving that for my Harlequin novel.

  3. Kristi i love you. :) This is classic. I mean, your posterity (such a big, big word, no?) will enjoy this.

  4. Oh, love it =) He's such a sweetheart.


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