BYU Bathrooms


The fact that a month-old blog devoted solely to providing information on various bathrooms around campus ( will shortly surpass me in followers. There is truly a market for everything.

This site is done by a guy who bears a striking resemblance to Adrian Brody. That has nothing to do with anything, just thought I'd throw it out there. Anyway, he goes in to bathrooms, takes pictures, and writes reviews based on cleanliness, decor, location, and traffic. (On a side note, wouldn't it be creepy to be doing your business in a stall and hear the click of a camera shutter?) For some reason, I'm surprised that it's a guy making this blog. Don't guys just go in and get out? Girls are the ones who dither around trying to calculate simple probabilities in their head of which toilet is least used--the one closest to the door? Farthest away? Middle? Handicapped stall? This kid even comments on things like lighting (the Kennedy Center bathrooms are just a tad too dim for his tastes).

I would say this guy is totally weird, but there's a mini-documentary that someone made about him (posted on his site) where he's wearing an Oceanic Flight 815 shirt. This makes him cool.

UPDATE 10/2012: I am proud to say that I am now good friends with this blog's owner! His name is Jesse Thomas and we studied Arabic in Amman together. He's pretty much DA BOMB.


  1. LOL I can't believe this is actually a website. Wish I had known this all along, I typically only go to the potty in the JFSB because I think they have the cleanest bathrooms. And the Oceanic Flight 815 shirt is awesome.

  2. Hey the bathroom boy is my PoliSci 200 partner! I should introduce you!

  3. Wooooow, thanks, Kristi!!! you just helped me find my new favorite bloooog!!! I think I'll go follow it now!


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