Ueli Steck


I have watched this video about seven times today.

Is it weird that this makes me cry? I always lose it at 2:25.

I love it when Ueli says, in his broken English, "You're progressing on something . . . and that's, that's all about . . . you wanna keep, keep moving. Having a progress in your life."

The reason why I think this video really got to me is because, during finals week, it was refreshing to be reminded me of much school means to me: NOTHING.

I already find myself thinking about when I'm going to get my Master's degree . . . but when I watch Ueli, all I can think of is why? So I can feel better about myself? Because I don't know what else to do? So I can get a better job? So I can tell people I have a Master's degree in blah-blah-blah and watch their eyebrows raise as they say "Oooh, really?" So I can earn an extra $20K a year and die in the rat race just like everybody else? So I can learn more and more about less and less?


P.S. Watch this. It's Gnarly McGnarleson.

UPDATE 4/22/11: Ueli's record is officially broken! By a whopping 20 minutes...I'm waiting for Ueli to announce an attempt to reclaim it, but he's a little busy right now.


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