A Sudden Realization


Ladies, do you remember when you came to grips with the fact that your boobs were done growing?

After more than a decade of hopeful anticipation, I just reached that point.

I was thinking to myself, Hey. I'm almost 23. And my next thought was: Dang, I'm pretty sure that dashes any hope of late-puberty growth spurts.


Doesn't mean I still won't cross my fingers for good luck though. You neeeever know.


  1. Babies, Kristi. Apparently when you have them you will get bigger boobs (or so I've heard, obviously I do not have experience with this). Or you could ask my sister for advice, because every time she gains a couple pounds it goes to her boobs, and if she loses a couple pounds it comes off her legs, so now she has stick legs and a chest.


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