When I Said My Dad Was Crazy


I meant it.

Recent text from him: I am training soooo hard for Badwater! 5 layers, 16 pounds of clothes, 4 hours of running with elevation on treadmill, 2 full hats with mouth coverage and winter gloves. Oh yeah...and a space heater on high heat blowing in my face. Followed with 30 minutes in the sauna.

I've run a 50, and I've always said I'm going to do 100s with my pops someday. I'd consider myself a fellow ultrarunner at heart, and I probably "get" my dad more than most people. This? This is just beyond me. I have no desire to ever, EVER do this race. I'll see you at Hardrock in a few years, Dad. But Badwater?

When I start thinking you're crazy, you know you've crossed the rubicon.


  1. Kristi: I just read all of your blogs and you are almost as awesome as Brock. lol I love you. It's too bad you can't remember how cute you were ages 2-6. They are some of my fondest memories. "I need a big hug", "I happy now." "You are my chun chin my ownee chun chin" (sung to me over the phone.... when you lived in California) I remember you chasing clear across the park..trying to catch birds that flew to earth so you could enjoy the feeling of pure joy. I remember you trying to climb the living room wall trying to catch Tinkerbell (your dad was shining a reflection from his watch...and laughing his guts out) I remember taking you to a backyard wedding and your excited cry, "look! there's Cinderella and the Prince". You were do darned cute. It's too bad you can't remember. Blogging is such an interesting way to keep in touch with you. Any you every bit as interesting and lovable as you were 19 years ago. I thought of you on your anniversary....and the fun reception in the back yard. So glad you married Brock. He is the perfect man for you. I need your address. I might sent you a birthday surprise if I get it by e-mail. (your mailing address) I have lots of news, Link is married, Libby graduated, Caleb has a HOT girlfriend, I'll see all of your famiy next week (except you. boo hoo) I am teaching Ukelele lessons to 5 "way over-70" girl friends (every Tuesday at 9:30) I'm the cook for Youth Conference next weekend, I have to speak in church in July, Our spring planting is finished and our yard is beautiful, I have now lost 40 pounds, the corn on my little toe is killing me, We spent yesterday (Saturday) at the Wild West Show in Spanish Fork and saw some amazing trick riding. I hosted bridge club last Wednesday and served a delicious Indian curry with homemade rolls, and a pineapple sponge cake for dessert...and won first prize for the highest score. Pretty good for a 76 year old huh? When does life slow down???? Anyway...I love your blog. I read it and played hookey from church this morning. "The devil made me do it." Hugs Granny T


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