Hot and Heavy


Ultrarunning is kind of a big deal in my family. Well, okay. Just between me and my dad. But that's like 1/4 of our family, which is a decent chunk. I mean, I eat 1/4 of a pizza and I'm pretty full. (Airtight logic.)

I thought it'd be fun to keep you all up-to-date on how my dad's training for Badwater is going. The first question a person asks you upon finding out you do ultras is "What are those?" (Followed by "Are you stupid?") However, if said person is familiar with the sport, that first question becomes "Have you done Badwater?"

My dad got tired of answering "no" to this question. After trekking in Nepal last year (a lifelong dream of his) he needed another goal to look forward to. And a 135-mile race through Death Valley fit the bill.

With the race in mid-July, he's hitting the peak of his training right now. 40, 50-mile runs on the weekends. Y'know. Just to get his blood pumping. This is what he wears while doing that. On a 92-degree day.


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