On the Metro


Today I answered a phone call from a man who was very distraught over anything and everything having to do with Muslims. Throughout the course of our ten-minute conversation (does it still count as a conversation if I only get in three sentences edgewise?) he compared Islam to Nazism, the Qur'an to Mein Kampf, the Arab Spring to the rise of Communism,  and regaled me with tales of how Sharia law is taking over our courts. (Naturally, he proudly told me where I could find out the truth for myself: Glenn Beck's website, radio show, and TV show.)

If only he could have sat with me on the metro tonight as I came home. If he heard the laughter of eight Algerian Muslim men and women as they joked together. If he saw their eyes light up when they realized I spoke Arabic shwaya. And their smiles when I told them I knew where Algeria was, and their shock when I named its capital. They were friendly, smart, funny, and good. 

If I could have sat with me on the metro, I wonder if he would have called in.


  1. Ugh. Glenn Beck gives MoMo's a bad reputation.

  2. Personal pet peeve: when people flip "r"s around to look like the Russian letter "ya" and expect it to still sound like an "r".


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