Dear Family


My dad has this thing with the phrase "I love you." He doesn't like how people say it flippantly at the end of conversations, so he takes extra time saying goodbyeiloveyous (so you know he means it).

He sent me the following email via Facebook yesterday, and there are so many things I love about it. I love the fact that he put "Letter" in the subject line. I love that he started it out with "Hey girl!" I love that he used an Oxford comma. I love that my seven- and nine-year old brothers' "thing" with my dad is hiking 14ers. I love that my dad felt sheepish when he got sick in front of them. I love that he's going on a date with my mom this weekend. I love that he's getting old and goes to bed early (on that note, I'm sad that I'm missing his 50th birthday in October). I loved how he randomly capitalized the word "WIVES." I love that he's proud of me. I love that he always reminds me to treat Brock well. 


Hey girl!
This week Caden, Connor, and I climbed mt elbert. The 2 boys did great with consistent power up and down. Very impressive. Everyone on the trail was blown away especially the out of state lowlanders climbing their first 14er. I got altitude sick coming down and had to get down to silverthorne before my head stopped pounding and I stopped throwing up. It is degrading to be sick in front of your children and it made me feel sorry for grandpa Kern. You always want to seem invincible for your kids!
Mom and I are popping off to Denver on the Sabbath (friday) for a weekend getaway. I don't know what we will do but it may involve a movie and dinner. Kiana and colby went to homecoming together on kind of a group date that makes Sister WIVES look tame. It will be a great story for kiana to tell her kids.
Anyway it is Sunday night and almost 8 o clock so I better put on my pj's and drink my warm milk. I am proud of you and your life. Take good care of your man and be safe. I love you..... No...I really love the kind if love that makes life worth living kind of love. Dad

Last April when Dad went trekking in Nepal, I remember chatting with him on Gmail. We randomly happened to be online simultaneously, and we exchanged a few lines of conversation before his time expired at the internet cafe.

Michael: Well you get some sleep muffin and dream about Bobo the bat and willie the worm saving the princess from the gargoyle in his cave.

I got the strangest feeling talking to him right then. He wasn't just my dad--he was my dad in another world. It's one thing to spend months apart knowing exactly where I can find him. But there's something about knowing that you're both farther apart that makes things worse. I couldn't help but think that that's how it'll feel like when he passes away. Worlds away.

اسرة عزيزة: You're not here in Jordan with me.

با با, you're not here to call me "Muffin" or tell me that made-up bedtime story for the billionth time.
ماما, I can't smell the Ponds cold cream on your cheek as I kiss you goodnight.
كيلب, you're not here to be the Tutu to my Belle.
كولبي, there are some epic places to unicycle in Amman. And you're not here.
كيانا, I'm not there to stay up late with you talking about how homecoming was.
كيدن, you're not here refusing to eat the local cuisine (" you have any oatmeal?")
كونور, I'm not there to hear your latest catchphrase.

But I just want to say: انا بحبكم

No, I really love you.

Like the kind of love that makes life worth living kind of love.


  1. So cute, and so sweet Kristi.

  2. Dear Kristi and Brock: I just spent the best part of today reading up on your adventures. My little world travelers are having the time of their life. I put myself in your place climbing up waterfalls and drinking yogurt-water and salt. And, I am young again and cheering on the sidelines for you to live your whole life like you have the last four years. Be so grateful to our Heavenly Father your His diverse world and his wonderful children. You are two of my favorites..


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