I've Said It Once Or Twice Before


You roll up your jeans, take off your shoes, and sit with your toes near the edge of land and sea. The waves slither up, then recoil. Over and over and over. It's predictable. Boring, even. But you sit there every day because the sight and sound and smell of it is enough to bring you peace.

Yet even when you feel nothing, that awesome, incomprehensible power is still churning in the deep. And every so often, a tiny swell will manifest on the surface. Nothing unheard of, unseen before, or even noteworthy. But when you least expect it, the water's metronomic lapping at your feet that you've gotten so, so used to will be interrupted by a sforzando of power that you feel. 

You're not soaked--not even close to it--but you're so surprised that you gasp for air and your heart beats faster. In that moment, your mind becomes acutely aware of and your soul reverently in awe of just what exactly is before you.

And I'll say it again and again and again:

I never thought that love would be like this. That I could love like this.


  1. Brock and Kristi: giving hope to marriage-skeptics since 2007.

    Did I get the year right?

  2. I've seen some really intense heartbreak over the past couple of years, including a heart-wrenching breakup this week, and while I generally love your blog for your sharp sense of humor, I love this post for the hope it gives me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great post. David and I happen to know each other and we have actually already had this conversation about how you bring hope to marriage skeptics. It's so true. Glad you're still so in love. Don't change.


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