Talkin' Dirty


Scene: 1:00AM. Face washed, teeth brushed, alarm set, day over. Brock and I have been chatting and joking around before going to sleep.

"Hey Kristi, what are my chances of gettin' lucky tonight?"


"What?!? After I've been so funny and cute during all this pillow talk?!"

"You've improved on the Cute Scale, but the Gettin' Lucky scale holds steady. At zero."

"But aren't those two scales correlated?"

"No. And even if they were, correlation does not imply causation."

"Well, what is the Gettin' Lucky scale correlated with?"

"Leaving me alone."

"Pfff. Yeah. Inversely correlated."


This is what happens when two dorky Mormons get married.


  1. I love your conversations with Brock. Literally, love them.


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