The Way to Qasid


(because it would've taken too long to re-record the voice track)
  • Sabaah al-kheir and massa al-kheir are how you say "good morning" and "good evening." Translated literally, they mean "morning/evening of goodness."
  • Queen Rania street isn't one of the major byways in Jordan (that would be an exaggeration), but it is one of the bigger roads in Amman.
  • Our issues and presentation classes weren't at 9:00 and 10:00, but 10:00 and 11:00.
  • Fadi doesn't sing the Qur'an for us, he recites it. Although the recitation is beautiful and has an amazing cadence that sounds musical (I'll post a sound file of it sometime), a Muslim would never refer to it as a song. Qur'an literally means "recitation.
  • These past few weeks, we haven't been translating ten intensive articles every day like I said--I meant ten extensive articles (alhamdulillah!).


  1. good job. i think 'the end' is supposed to be النهاية though. and i didn't know fadi was good at quran recitation.

  2. I love the Middle East. I am sad that you have to leave.

  3. Thanks so much for doing that! That's awesome. =)


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