Journey To My Thoughts: January 2, 2012


11:48am: do do do, must go to target and buy lots of things, do do do
12:03: colored skinny jeans?! get in my cart.
12:05: how do i always pick the nastiest fitting room??
12:06: long black hairs on the floor. my favorite.
12:07: my, these skinnies are awfully skinny....
12:12: hmmm what else to try on, what else....
12:13: chambray tunic, be kind to me.
12:14 cuuuuuuuute! this goes on the "to keep" hanger.
12:15: nothing like looking at your naked body under fluorescent lights.
12:16:  i could totally be in one of those old paintings of a naked fat lady lounging on a velvet chaise.
12:17: WAIT. IS THAT BACK FAT?!?!?!
12:18: omg, my first roll of back fat. NOT OKAY.
12:19: i'm buying new workout clothes.
12:25: ooooh and maybe some shoes.
12:56: brock is SO gonna kill me when he sees this receipt.
8:24: i WOULD go on a run....but the bachelor is on.
8:26: these girls are annoying. i'm going on a run.
8:30: or mayyyyyybe i'll finish watching the crazies.
9:14: PSSSSYYYCHO!!!!!!
9:58: okay, it's go time.
10:25: move over deena kastor! i'm a machine. i wonder how far i went?
10:26: HA! my weight on runkeeper is still listed as 141. precious.
10:28: plot this here on the map, this turn here, down this road....
10:30: TWO AND A HALF MILES?!?!?!!?
10:31: at least i looked cute doing it.


  1. Love this. The girls on the Bachelor suck this year?

  2. Update: I too went shopping today. I was offended when my skinny jeans didn't fit. And garments give me muffin top.


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