Why I Should Be A Politician



That's what I screamed about an hour ago upon seeing a huge wave of suds splash out of the dishwasher.

"Kristi! What did you put in it?!"

"The liquid in the huge container under the kitchen sink!"

"That dish soap!"

"What?! Where's the dishwasher detergent?"


. . . . "In a random side cupboard in tiny packets!? Why can't you be normal and put your dishwasher detergent under the sink like everybody else?!"


"I will but I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  1. I did the EXACT same thing at my parent's house... with the EXACT SAME KIRKLAND dish soap. No lie. Haha

    BLAME OBAMA!!!!!

  2. Kristi I did this when I was about 10, but at that age bubbles swamping the kitchen floor was a pretty rad afternoon activity! (not so much for my neighbor & babysitter Kindra, who had to clean it up...)

    Clearly Obama's fault. Even then.


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