Upper West Side: Drunk Version


Yesterday morning I went to Columbus Circle yet again to claim my prime seating at Anderson Cooper's talk show. And guys. I WILL BE ON TV. Not because I interacted with Anderson Cooper at all, but because the roving crowd-cameraman was li-ter-ra-lly in my face for most of the show. As soon as he realized that I had an expressive face, BAM. All up in my grillz.

I tried to act as naturally as possible, but I'm new to the whole being world-famous thing. My hope is that when Anderson watches that recorded show, he goes Hey? Who is that girl in the audience? And the producers are all We don't know, but she left this glass slipper . . . and Anderson's like Holy hell she wears a size 10? and they're all Yeah, weird.

I'm glad I went back to the show because I actually enjoyed this particular episode a lot more. Plus, I got two free books! Cha-ching!  It wasn't Oprah's Favorite Things, but it was as close as I've come so I was pret-ty  jazzed about it.

The taping ended at around 12:30 so I had the whole afternoon sprawled out before me. Suggestively. HAHAHAHA what would an afternoon looks like if it sprawled out before you suggestively? Maybe something like this???

I work ouuut!! I work ouuutt!!

Guess that's why they call it AFTERNOON delight, ya'll. All this time you thought it was a euphemism.

Oh, guys. It's been a long day and I feel like I'm drunk-blogging. I think I'll just call it a night here and try for Take 2 tomorrow morning. Check back then ;)

Here is a picture of Steven Seagal looking constipated.



  1. when does steven seagal NOT look constipated? he is in a constant state of prairie-dogging.

  2. If you find a youtube version of you on Anderson Cooper's show, tag it and let me know! I want to see you being expressive =P =)


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