And This Is Why My Marriage Works


I spent all afternoon today writing cover letters for various job applications.

Later, the mister and I had a little, shall we say, dispute. We were both just dumb. I was more upset that I had to go run and it was still  95 degrees outside (at 8pm!), and Brock was cranky because he'd just woken up from a nap and didn't want to join me on said run.

This dispute  culminated in me walking (OKAY, OKAY...storming) out the door to run alone. When I got back, Brock had taken Mojo out for a walk.

A piece of paper laid outside the door.

Brock A. Boyce
Our Address
His Cell
His Email

Kristina R. Boyce
Boyce Household
Our Address

June 22, 2012

Dear Mrs. Boyce:
With bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Communications, I offer the Boyce Household creative problem-solving abilities along with polished interpersonal dishwashing skills—a unique combination that I believe qualifies me for an apology acceptance.

I showed my problem-solving abilities as dinner-cooker for tonight’s meal. Although food was scarce, I managed to include several variables—potatoes, cheese, salsa, vegetable oil, and my love for you—to creatively prepare California burritos to satisfy the need. I have shown time and time again my abilities to please your tummy, from French toast on your birthday to…well…French toast on every other day. I feel that this alone should incline you to accept my apology for being a jackass.

I always try to go the extra mile, as you can see from the dishes I washed. Most people would stop at merely soaking the dishes, but not me. With careful, yet firm, hands, I made sure every wet cheese clump was rubbed off the spoons and bowls. I am excited to use these hands to give you scratchies as your new and improved husband—that is, if you accept my apology.

I am available for make-up sex immediately, and am prepared to apologize at your request.


Brock Boyce  


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