I Dreamed A Dream


That my weekend rocked. OH, WAIT.

It did.

So maybe we're a little obsessed with Les Miserables. I've already written about my long-running love affair with this story. The only person I know whose passion for Les Mis  equals mine is Brock. We have the score memorized. Brock has read all 1,400 pages of the novel (I'm in the beautiful throes of it right now). We cry every time to we see the play. And we've watched the following trailer an embarrasing number of times:

So naturally, when I heard that the 25th anniversary Broadway tour was stopping through Idaho, I had to surprise Brock with tickets. We listened to the entire soundtrack during the five-hour drive to Boise, and again on the drive back down. (Including the actual play, that's three times in twenty-four hours. WE'RE LOSERS!!!) The production was incredible, of course. But no revolving stage, surprsingly! They made up for it with other cool visual effects and staging, but I did miss it in the final battle scene where everyone dies on the barricade. Oh, well--that was a very minor grievance amidst all the things they did so well! Like Javert's suicide, Fantine and Eponine's death scenes . . . I get tingles just thinking about them.

For reasons besides the obvious, our weekend was lovely. We went to Boise on Saturday to catch the Sunday matinee, but we'd already had a good dose of art before then. On Friday evening we went on a gallery stroll around SLC with some friends from church. One of them, Ehren, is a local art critic so he served as our guide. Our other two friends that went, Phillip and Krysta, work as architects and they actually helped design  one of the galleries we visited! Do we have cool friends or what?!

Once in Boise, we stayed with Brock's aunt and uncle--they stuffed us full with crepes, Asian pears, fresh carrots from the garden, and delicious apple pie.

Friends, family, art, music, food . . . like I said. This weekend rocked.


  1. Have you watched the extended trailer yet? Gave me the shivers! So very excited for this movie! My family has already planned several Christmas break trips to the movies to see it :)


  2. Boise?? You should've just come here to Cedar City! Ever been to the Shakespeare Festival? Their shows are fantastic. And they're doing Les Mis right now.


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