That One Time I Went To A Job Interview...Braless


Sometimes I cram too many things into my day. Like last week, when I decided that driving to Utah County, hiking ten miles with a friend, doing four loads of laundry at grandma's house, and interviewing for a job in Provo was a PERFECTLY REASONABLE afternoon schedule.

As you might imagine, this required some serious prep work in the morning. Do I have my workout clothes? Nathan pack? Orthotics? Fabric softener? Skirt? A snack? High heels? Makeup? Phone? Keys? Directions?  I smiled and exhaled deeply as I drove away from my apartment. On the road, finally!

But, as the title of this post implies, I did  forget one thing. One thing that, I dunno, might be important for job interviewing.

I mean, I could've  worn my sports bra. But by the time I realized my packing negligence, I'd already hiked ten miles in it. If the Nike swoosh peeping out from my shirt didn't throw off my interviewers, the smell definitely would.

So I took my chances. I'M A CHANCE-TAKER, PEOPLE. The shirt I'd chosen was black with a ruched V-neck. Few clothes come more free-boob-friendly than that. It was like the universe was daring me to do it.


I found out later that I made the second round of interviews. 


I'll never know for sure . . .


  1. Hahaha! I'm so impressed you pulled that off!

  2. Haha! YES, congrats! Round 2... I say you risk it again...


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