When I was about ten years old, I remember sitting at the piano one evening, practicing songs for an upcoming recital. My dad came into the room and sat down next to me as I played. All of a sudden he started crying and held me close. I didn't know why.

"There's a lot of parents who won't get to hear their kids practice piano tonight," he told me. I still didn't understand, but later I learned what had happened that day, April 20, just an hour down the road from us.

Connecticut is a bit farther away from me, but it hurts more this time. It hurts because I have two little brothers ages eight and nine. It hurts because my grandmother lost a son when he was eight, and his portrait still hangs in her living room. It hurts because I teach a sweet seven-year old boy in primary whose prayers make me feel God in the room. But even though I can't feel God in the room at the moment--I'm alone and crying--I know that twenty little souls are with  Him in the room.

He had a little Son who died, too. What a lovely room that must be.


  1. Kristi this is beautiful!
    Love You

  2. I love you. My heart has been crying for them, too. It is hard, knowing how pure little children are, to know something like this has happened to them. However, I am so grateful that I have been able to feel peace and comfort from the first moment I heard about it. Amidst all the anger, violence, and hateful acts that cause tragedies like this more and more often in the world, I am so grateful for the love of good people throughout the world, who care about others' welfare above their own. I'm grateful for the light of the gospel and the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation that makes it possible to find some peace, even after a horrible, heart-wrenching occurrence such as this. God loves us all, and He watches over us. I'm grateful that, even though they have been taken from this world in an awful way, those children are home with Him again. I wouldn't be surprised if He has them in His arms right now, comforting them.

    I love your post. Thank you.

  3. Kristi you are the most incredible writer. Seriously. Thank you for this.


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