Green River


After watching the BYU men's volleyball team wallop #1-ranked UCI on Friday night, we drove 2.5 hours south to a Motel 6 in Green River. The plan was to wake up early the next morning for an adventure in Moab, but things fell through. What are two lovebirds to do upon finding themselves stuck in a one-horse town? Well, I'll tell you. (Or show you, more like.)

Breakfast. Our booth neighbor told us where to get the best truck stop tacos (Hopi Travel Plaza off the old Route 66 in Arizona). We entertained ourselves with the funny books in each booth (How to Understand Women, etc).

This place is real.

Green River is apparently famous for its melons?! Who knew? I bet this bad boy gets busted out once per year at some local parade.

"No perfect people allowed" . . . so . . . no Jesus?

The top-rated restaurant in Green River, according to Yelp. Great burgers, apparently.


  1. Haha Green River melons ARE famous. People even lie about selling them at fruit stands, but when you eat it, you just KNOW if it's a Green River melon or not.


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