Last weekend we escaped to SLC for a quick getaway to celebrate Brock's 30th. We stayed at the Hotel Monaco (one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, and my favorite hotel.) It was so fun to be tourists just a few blocks from where we used to live!

While searching Yelp for a good place to eat dinner, we stumbled upon a small tapas restaurant that neither of us had heard of called Meditrina. It was perfect for a low-key, intimate dinner and we had the best conversation over an eclectic, delectable meal of small plates--including ahi tuna nachos and drunken Oreos (ice cream + Merlot + Oreos. Epic wasted opportunity not naming them "Merloreos").

We had our hearts set on bustin' a move later on somewhere downtown, but our eyes bugged out of our heads when people said that "scene" doesn't really start until 11:30. (11:30! Don't people have church in the morning?) Determined to be cool, we dutifully waited and set out to prowl the streets. Down this block to that place, over that block to that other place . . . lemme tell ya, there's nothing like looking at people dancing in clubs to make you not want to be a person dancing in clubs. Also, do you have be drunk to enjoy house music?

In any case, it was a beautiful warm night to experience Salt Lake's witching hour. People vomiting in trash cans! Bearded men driving bicycle taxis! I mean, who knew things happened AT NIGHT? IN A CITY??

The next morning we brunched at Rye.

^^ Brock had a rice bowl with pork belly, egg, and kimchi. Also he really loves pictures.

^^ Brioche, lemon custard, whiskey maple syrup. (Some people avoid the appearance of evil . . . I eat it.)

^^ Oh, yes. And then there was peach pie with candied lavendar. To be honest, these peaches looked canned to me, but candied lavendar. Who even knew that was a thing?! Is there no limit to what we can candy?

Such a fun weekend together. Happy birthday, Brock! I love you and I love being with you. 


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