Life's a Beach...


Wednesday was a fabulous, easy day :) We were pretty tired from being on our feet/bikes for all of Monday and Tuesday, so we took it slow. My next sentence will contradict that statement: we started the morning out with a run. Haha but it was only a mile so it doesn't really count!

We ran to Lou Mitchell's, which is this famous breakfast place in town. It's where all the rich businessmen who work in the Loop go to for good, down-home food. No frills here. The service is fast, the food is reasonably priced, and the waitresses call you "honey." If there's a wait (which there usually is in the morning) they hand out free donut holes and Milk Duds to those in line (not quite sure how that combination came to be...but it works!). Lou Mitchell's has been around since 1923 and is located at the very beginning of Route 66. Yes, sing the song in your head. I know you want to. "It winds from Chicago to L.A....."

Anyway, I ordered French toast (what else!) and Brock got two eggs and sausage. Except when they brought out his skillet, it looked more like 22 eggs and eight links of sausage! It was crazy! On top of that, his egg order was served with two pieces of toast and fresh hashbrowns...all for like $5! It was insane. On a sidenote, his hashbrowns were pretty much the most amazing thing ever. You could tell they had been sliced from real potatoes that morning. Awesome. My French toast was a little under-cooked and soppy, but I couldn't have cared less. I was just happy to be there :)

Brock got called in to work early on Wednesday because the Cubs were playing an afternoon game...and he got to go to Wrigley again! Seriously, what an internship. Sure, it's not paid, but heck if you're not gonna get paid for something have it be getting sound bites in the Cubs' locker room standing right next to some of the biggest names in baseball!

We met up after work and had a picnic dinner at Ohio Street Beach. It was so much fun! We had delicious homemade BBQ chicken bacon sandwiches. For dessert, we bought some brownie bits and a Snickers bar at Walgreens . . . delish. Talk about the dinner of champions! Not to mention the envy of every seagull in Chicago. I'm grateful to God for creating the world . . . but seagulls? Seriously? Couldn't He have at least made them larynx-less? Whoa try saying that five times fast. Larynx-less larynx-less larynx-less.

Afterward we just lay on the beach and watched little kids run around in their cute little swimsuits :) I love watching families with small children and knowing that someday that will be Brock and I. But not quite yet :) As fun as I think it would be to have children, laying on the beach alone with your hubby and chatting for an hour sans interruption is pretty fun too! :)


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