Our Trusty Steeds


Allow me to briefly segue out of our daily activities and show you the method by which we have been getting around to them: our bikes.

These are the second-hand, Earth-saving, stick-it-to-ExxonMobil bikes that we bought two months ago for a grand total of $125. They've served as our trusty steeds through sun, wind and rain..be it a 1-mile jaunt to the grocery store or a 15-mile ride to church. They are also probably solely responsible for keeping our weight down this trip, because heaven knows we've eaten like pigs!

As much as we love them, we are ready to give them up. Yes, biking is better for the environment. Yes, biking gets you to your destination just as quick (or quicker!) than taking CTA would. But it would be nice if our seats were a little comfier, or if our bikes would go a little faster with less pedaling. It's always so disheartening to see a Lance-Armstrong-wannabe zoom by you on his $5000 lighter-than-air road bike without breaking a sweat, while you're huffing and puffing to turn your wheels one rotation.

But hey, they're second-hand. They've got character! They're vintage! We've heard estimates from our good friends at the Trek bike shop that they were made during the late 60s-70s. For how cheap we bought them for, it is pretty cool be constantly getting random compliments from strangers on how "sick" our bikes are (this happens all the time!). Plus, we never have to worry about them getting stolen because...

A) Who would want to steal our bikes when they're parked next to ones that costs 10X more?
B) These bikes were made in the day. Stealing a seat or tire off of one of these ain't easy!

Anyway, they're about to be sold off to one of many interested buyers on Craigslist, and we're sure they'll be just as faithful and dependable to that person as they were to us.

It's been a good ride :)


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