Diamonds and Babies and Hikes...Oh, My!


What a weekend!

Saturday: We woke up early-ish to go hiking in the mountains near our house (see previous post...I told you we would do it!) It was beautiful, but MAN was it steep! There was nary a flat or downhill section for a good ninety minutes. Here's the thing that gets me about hiking: You're always expecting to be rewarded with some fantastic mountain vista after you get to the top of this one last hill. I'm talking "Sound of Music" style...rolling green meadows, wildflowers, maybe a cute little mountain stream, deer, bunnies, rainbows, the whole nine yards.

Well, we went up that "one last hill" about twenty times and never quite got that vista! The last half mile or so of our hiking was in snow, so we were up pretty high...and, I'll admit it, we
did see some beautiful views. Plus I loved how quiet it was. Brock and I were literally the only ones on the trail for miles and miles, and despite the fact that it was noon on a Saturday, you could not hear a single sound.

The next thing we did on Saturday was help our friend Chad propose to my cousin Heidi at Thanksgiving Point! She
loves the Tulip Festival that happens every year (tulips are her favorite flowers), so we all went in a group. She wasn't expecting anything seeing as it was her idea to go in the first place. Here is the video of Chad proposing to her in the Secret Garden...she was so surprised and so happy! It was great that Brock and I got to be a part of it!

Those two lovebirds went up to Salt Lake for dinner afterwards (at a restaurant called The Garden overlooking the SLC temple....way to tie it all into a theme, Chad!) while we headed to Five Guys for dinner
 and zipped down to BYU to watch a volleyball playoff game! BYU killed UCLA...on to the next round! 

Sunday: We went to Bountiful for a Boyce baby blessing (try saying that five times fast). Brock's cousin Jeff and his wife Missy are the proud parents of their second child, Jeffrey Timothy, and it was so great to be up there to spend time with the Boyce clan. We sure do enjoy spending time with them! Brock's aunt Sharon makes the best raspberry cinnamon rolls, too! My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Besides that our day has been filled with visiting teaching, home teaching, and all sorts of other end-of-the-month Sunday stuff. Looking forward to some reading, naps, and any relaxation I can take in before spring classes start on Tuesday! :(


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