Things I Love About Provo


I should be more grateful to live where I do. I hate on Provo all the time...partly because where I grew up in Colorado was like heaven on earth. In lieu of writing a "Things I Miss About Fort Collins" list (which I am sorely tempted to do), I've decided to compile a list of all the things Provo has going for it. Isn't there a primary song about having an attitude of gratitude? Or Barney? Or something? 

1. Spark. Spark is a cool restaurant on Center Street that feels so not Provo. No families, no crying babies, no strollers. It has dim lights, modern decor, and an ever-changing menu and drink list. Brock and I don't go there that often because it is a little pricey, but when we do it's so worth it. 

2.  Bicentennial Park. It really is beautiful. Wide open spaces, picnic tables, a marshland with a wooden walkway that winds through it, even a natural aquifer with that you can drink right out of on a hot day. 

3. Jumbleberry pie shakes at The Malt Shoppe

4. Sweet potato fries at Guru's. Best in town! They always come out hot, fresh, and with just the right amount of crisp. Plus, they're sweet potato fries, so they're healthy. Especially when you dip them in fry sauce.

5. The quattro formaggi sauce at Gloria's Little Italy. 

6. BYU's campus in the springtime. I love springtime at's when campus truly comes to life (not with students...with greenery!). It's especially gorgeous if you get a light snow overnight, in which case the whole campus is filled with blooming flowers, trees, and freshly mowed grass, butstunning snow-capped mountains in the background. Plus, campus is way lax in the springtime because hardly anybody is around. And it's fun to watch all the little EFY kids try to be cool. Precious.

7. French toast at Kneaders. One the best breakfasts in Provo...and I love breakfast.

8. Banana cream pie shakes at Sammy's. A whole piece of banana cream pie in every shake. A whole piece! You can get all kinds of other varieties--coconut cream pie, mint chocolate chip pie, etc--but banana cream is the best. Sammy's is just a cool place in general. It's got way chill employees who'll just lean over the counter and shoot the breeze with you (our favorites are Kayla and Sean), really cool artsy decor, great music, and they're open way late on weekends. 

9. Having the mountains right near my house. 

10. My hair stylist. Shea Lynn Scheiss at David Douglas salon has been a godsend to me! After literally YEARS of searching for "my hair girl" since moving to Provo (and going through six or seven duds...) I finally found her! Shea can read my mind. I'll try to articulate to her exactly what I want (with moderate success at doing so) and yet my hair always comes out looking EVEN BETTER than what I'd had in mind! Shea just listens to you and does what you ask her. None of this "I'm the hairstylist I know best" business. Plus, she's fast. I'm usually out of there with a cut and color in 2.5 hours tops.

11. Living so close to extended family. My Grandma and Grandpa Thomas have been a part of my relationship with Brock pretty much day one. They live twenty minutes away in American Fork, and we're always heading over there for Sunday dinners, game nights, etc. We also live close to my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rob, who frequently host Sunday get-togethers for all the Kern cousins attending BYU. I've gotten so much closer to so many of my cousins because of it. I love having my family as my best friends!


  1. Haha, good post. Kortney and I were shocked as we went down the list though, we seriously thought everything was going to be about food. Sunday dinners are also about food so that makes 70% of your entries about food. Not to mention that 10% of the reasons you like Provo is a trail you haven't hiked yet. Oh well, we are going to miss Provo a TON and miss you guys. Sunday dinners are the best and we can't wait to have a reunion one in the fall.

  2. You think you're so funny, Peter!!! Oh're in Humor U...and for your information we are hiking that trail TODAY! :P Have you guys ALREADY left for St. Louis?? Please say no :(

  3. i would kill a guy for the sweet potato fries at guru's ... i'm not kidding. just give me a name and i'll take care of it. but you better have some guru's sweet potato fries waiting...

  4. At the time that you posted that comment we hadn't left for St. Louis, however we had left for Colorado. And now, we have left for, and arrived in St. Louis and I have even spent a day knocking doors. Sales? Yes. One.


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