Things That I Think Are Weird . . .


1. Girls who don't weigh 120 lbs...but who dress like they do. Heaven knows I'm nowhere near 120, but at least I am aware  of this and I dress like it. Verily, verily I say unto you, I've learned to ROCK my 140 el bees of woman like it's nobody's bidness. 

2. Girls who have a designated "picture pose." My favorite is what I like to call the Vanna White. It goes a little something like this:
  • twist half of your body to a slight angle, facing the camera
  • arch your back/jut your boobs out
  • lock one knee, pop the other out in front
  • daintily point your foot
  • place one hand on your waist
  • tilt your head slightly downward for subtle sex appeal
  • smile
Really? Really? I think casting calls for "The Stepford Wives" ended like seven years ago.


  1. You really have some bomb posts. Helen and I just shared some of your best with her family... ah Friday night activities for Morms...


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